KAJAKI – Why this British War Film should be made

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 18.42.22

This time next year, British troops should have withdrawn from Afghanistan.  Prime Minister, David Cameron, has already announced it’s ‘mission accomplished’ there.  But anyone who’s followed this long war will be all too aware at what cost.  The number of UK military deaths in Afghanistan is fast approaching 500.  The numbers injured is much higher.

It’s against this backdrop that a film script, KAJAKI, has been written by an old friend of mine, Tom Williams.  It tells the true story of a British soldier accidentally detonating a landmine and the rescue mission that follows.  For 3 Para it’s a harrowing day, but also one of heroism, bravery and self-sacrifice.

That’s why it should be made into a movie – and why I am writing this blog.  Because along with hundreds of others, I have given a small donation (through a crowd-funding campaign) to try to make sure it is produced.  And if you’d like to see a modern British war film made, you have until the end of this week to donate.

If the film isn’t produced, the money raised goes to military charities including Help for Heroes, Walking with the Wounded and the Royal British Legion.   Surely it’s worth a punt!

Read more about the story, the film and how to donate here: www.kajakimovie.com

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