Yes I’m Alex Forrest but I don’t boil bunnies


The Telegraph is covering Alex Forrest!

It’s something I’ve learned to live with, and at times it’s been pretty tough.  Sharing a name with a stalker, known as the ‘bunny-boiler’, hasn’t been easy.  I’ve been teased mercilessly for 27 years.

But most people appeared to have forgotten all about Glenn Close’s portrayal of Alex Forrest in the 1987 film Fatal Attraction.  Until, that was, the scriptwriter, James Dearden, decided to stage a new version.  It opens in London’s West End next week.

The good news is I think Alex Forrest might actually survive this time round.  The necessary ‘happy ending’ for the film’s US audience has apparently been ditched.  Glenn Close will be pleased.

glenn note

To the Real Alex Forrest with love from your evil twin Glenn Close

She of course isn’t playing Alex Forrest on the London stage, which is a shame.  I’ve never met her myself, but a few years ago a friend saw her in a restaurant and persuaded her to write me a note.  It’s something I’ll always treasure!


My note from Glenn Close even appeared in the Mail on Sunday in 2009

Split Loyalties – The Vikings are Coming!


Part of a Viking ship on show at the exhibition

On the eve of the Viking exhibition opening at the British Museum in London, Denmark is taking on England in an international friendly.  Most people expect England to win, though at half time it’s still 0-0.  But having lived in Copenhagen now for almost nine months, I find myself secretly hoping that the Danes will show some Viking courage.  I’m experiencing what it feels like to have split loyalties.

It’s not that I even like football!  But it’s that David and Golliath thing – a country of just five million taking on a rival with a population of more than ten times that (around 53 million people live in England alone).

viking6 viking5

I suppose that’s part of the Viking ‘myth’ – that these warriors showed no fear.  I visited the ‘Vikings: Life and Legend’ exhibition when it was on in Copenhagen.  It was rather disappointing to learn that the real Vikings didn’t have helmets with horns or even wings.


My son trying to be a Viking!

Instead I discovered that they possessed many of the same characteristics that we associate with Denmark today, namely craftsmanship, diplomacy and even a sense of humour.  If you’re a Dane with a Viking heritage, no wonder you think you’re always right!

That doesn’t mean Danes always win.  Since the Vikings, Denmark has seen its size and power greatly diminished.  But what I like about the people who live here is that they always give it a go – even if they know they’re unlikely to be celebrating a victory at the end.


Read more about ‘Vikings: Life and Legend’ at the British Museum here.