About Alex

Alex Forrest Whiting is a British journalist who has reported and presented for a variety of national and international news organisations including ITV News, BBC World,  Al Jazeera English and Germany’s international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle (DW).

One of Alex’s passions is politics and she spent several years working as political correspondent for ITV News in Westminster. She’s interviewed top politicians including the last five British prime ministers.

While in Copenhagen Alex reported for the award-winning programme ‘Horizons’ on BBC World. She travelled across Europe to discover the latest cutting-edge innovations in tech.

Alex has also covered a variety of stories for Al Jazeera English as well as writing for a number of print and online publications including the Huffington Post. She also spent two years presenting for the business channel, Saxo TV.

Halloween Brexit dead in a ditch

Now that she’s in Berlin, Alex is a regular on Deutsche Welle (DW). As well as reporting, she is often in the studio providing analysis on British politics and in particular, Brexit.

May resigns

Alex Interview

Interviewing Conservative MP, Steve Baker, May 2019

Alex is also an event moderator and has spent the last four years interviewing guests from the world of politics and business for the UK’s Wine and Spirit Trade Association. She is also a media trainer and has worked with politicians and business people from across Europe.

18/09/2018. London, UK.

Wine & Spirit Trade Association Conference, September 2018

18/09/2018. London, UK.

Wine & Spirit Trade Association Conference, September 2018

12/09/2017. London, Great Britian. 2017 WSTA Annual Conference.

Interviewing Weatherspoons owner and Brexit supporter, Tim Martin