More Killings in Denmark!

Anyone who knows me well will know that I LOVE Danish dramas. The Killing and Borgen consumed two years of my life – before a move to Copenhagen was even on the cards. That was reflected in my brilliant leaving video, produced, directed and written by the great ITV News Westminster bureau.

So you can understand my excitement when I read this morning in my (online) edition of the Times, that Midsomer Murders is coming to Copenhagen.  It’s apparently a one-off special in conjunction with the Danish broadcaster DR, to mark the 100th episode. And in keeping with the Danish theme, it’s apparently going to be called ‘The Killings at Copenhagen’.

The show, known as Barnaby here, is really popular and pulls in a 40% audience share. But it’s the Danish stars I’m most interested in.  Remember Katrine Fønsmark, the TV journalist in Borgen who we all (well I) wanted to be?  Well she’s in it – real name Birgitte Hjoet Sørensen.

The big question though is, if it hasn’t already been shot (no pun intended), how am I going to get a part? If anyone has any suggestions or can pull any strings then PLEASE let me know. I just don’t want to be an extra found dead in the basement!

  1. You probably need to find the ‘extras’ agency supplying the bodies! Do you know who makes Midsommer series, can you find out from them which agency they will use? Break a leg!

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