Magical Tivoli


One of the first things I did when we moved to Copenhagen was to buy an annual membership card to Tivoli Gardens.  Yes at 1,200 Danish Kroner (£136) it’s pretty expensive.  But for the number of visits to this very special amusement park – not to mention the enjoyment it’s given us, friends and family – it’s been worth it.


I’m not really one to celebrate witches and wizards, but a few days ago we took friends to experience Halloween at Tivoli.  The entire theme park and gardens have been transformed into a pumpkin and light festival.  There are live shows on the main stage, a scary maze for children and even pumpkin carving – as well as all the exhilarating rides.  It really does look spectacular.

What always amazes me is how pleasant it is to be at Tivoli.  There’s no litter – you even get a refund for recycling your plastic cups; the kiosks and restaurants always offer good quality food, even if they are expensive; and the staff are very friendly.  There’s just none of that aggression I’ve experienced at theme parks and fairs in the UK – real or imaginary.


Sadly Tivoli closes again next week. But, thankfully, it reopens for the Christmas season in mid November.  So if you’re already in Copenhagen or planning a visit, this must be one of the first places to see.  Trust me!

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