My Real-life Borgen experience!


Interviewing the Danish PM, as shown on Denmark’s TV2

When I was invited to visit the Danish Parliament, Christiansborg, I didn’t think I’d get the chance to ask the Prime Minister herself a question.  But that’s what happened today.  After Helle Thorning-Schmidt had taken more than an hour’s worth of questions from the FOUR leaders of the opposition, she allowed journalists to ask more.

chamber PM

Today they focused on the fallout from her latest Cabinet reshuffle, after three ministers resigned in just three weeks.  Last week the world was focused on the ‘selfie’ she took of herself, President Obama and David Cameron at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service.  Back here in Denmark, there was serious political trouble brewing about allegations that some ministers had misled Parliament over domestic issues.


Then a few days ago there was an interesting diversion.  Thorning-Schmidt’s husband, Stephen Kinnock, announced he’d like to stand for the Labour Party in Wales at the next general election.  This is the son of the former Labour Leader, Neil Kinnock.  The Danish PM and her British husband are already known as leading pretty independent lives.  But what does this signal about her own political future?

I asked her and she gave me this response:  “I do admit it is unusual. But we have lived an unusual life in many ways and we always make it work. I’m absolutely convinced we will make this work as well. So to all of you who are worried about the way we will make it work in our private household, don’t worry too much.”

So does she, like most Danes, believe she won’t be re-elected?  And is Stephen Kinnock really likely to be selected as a Labour candidate?

corridor ChristiansborgPM's office

Whatever the answers, this is like something out of the Danish TV series, Borgen.  And today, I really did feel like the political reporter, Katrine Fønsmark!



  1. Well done – it does look as if it is from the last episodes of Borgen but a real shame that it wasn’t an interview with Birgitte Nyborg!

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