Please drink our tap water, begs Denmark

waterwater glass

I don’t quite know why, but since arriving in Copenhagen my family and I have always drunk bottled water.   Odd, when you think that we always drank tap water in London – and who knows how many bodies that’s been through.

Now the Danish Ministry of the Environment is trying to convince people like me to drop the bottle and turn on the tap.  Their info-graphic warns:

“More challenging demands are set for the quality of drinking water from the tap than for bottled water.”

“One litre of drinking water from the tap sends between 1,000 and 2,000 times less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than one litre of bottled water.” 

I’m beginning to feel guilty now…

tap gfx1watergfx2

But my favourite line of all is point 10: “Many Danish Michelin chefs use and serve drinking water from the tap.”

Great!  They also serve ants and moss and God knows what else (OK maybe that’s just Noma).  What’s more of an issue is that almost all restaurants in Denmark charge for tap water.  Isn’t that illegal in the UK?

But I’ve been assured that during Eurovision week, FREE tap water will be handed out around Copenhagen.  Maybe it could catch on.

As for me, I think it’s time I did switch back to tap water.  Afterall, the water bills here are so high it’s about time I got something back for my money.



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