Competing in my first Mini Triathlon


Getting ready for the race, complete with wicker basket

When it comes to sport of any kind, Copenhagen is the place to be.  From the World Half Marathon to Iron Man, this city loves physical challenges.  And so today I found myself taking part in my first mini triathlon with a group of women I regularly swim with.


My swimming group (including me) ready to compete

This morning’s tri consisted of a 300 metre swim (that’s six lengths of the local 50 metre pool), a 20 km bike ride (on my cheap bike complete with wicker basket) followed by a four km run.  Taken on their own they are perfectly doable.  But put them all together and it was a real challenge – particularly for someone like me who only started jogging six weeks ago, after a break of six years.




A quick water break!

I completed the triathlon in just under an hour and a half (including swim/bike/run change-overs) so I was really pleased.  I’m not running a marathon anytime soon.  But to have done something that I wouldn’t have considered a few months ago has made me feel very proud – even if I hurt tomorrow.  Best of all we celebrated with champagne. Now that makes everything worth it!


Just crossed the finishing line!

  1. Good for you Alex, I am really impressed. You for sure make the most of your stay in Denmark. Inga

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