My 2km swim around ‘Borgen’

swim start

The start of my heat in the Christiansborg Rundt 2014

There are some things that make Copenhagen a truly great city in which to live. One of them is being surrounded by water and being able to swim in it.  Once a year that includes a two kilometre race along the canals of Copenhagen.  What makes this particularly special though is that it involves swimming around the Danish Parliament, Christiansborg which is known to many as ‘Borgen’.  There aren’t many capital cities in the world where you can swim around the seat of power!


My swimming group, just before the race started


Swimmers in my heat, mostly from Kildeskovshallen


Lined up and ready to go!

Yesterday I joined around 3,000 others who were also taking part in The Christiansborg Rundt.  In my heat of 25, were members of the swimming group that I joined a year ago.  We’ve managed a few sea swims this summer, but haven’t had a chance to swim in Copenhagen’s canals.  It was very different swimming around tight corners, under very long, dark bridges and among the thousands of jellyfish – yuck!

me medal

Straight after my swim – medal in hand!


The view from a bridge in Copenhagen

But what an experience.  Some in the group are super fast and managed it in around 30 minutes.  I swam it in 44 minutes and was really pleased.  And if I get the chance to do it again, I will.


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