Hi, I’m Alex and welcome to my blog. Back in 2013, my husband and I decided it was time to leave London and try something new. We opted for Copenhagen and spent a very happy three and a half years there.

Wanting to extend our European adventure, we now find ourselves in Berlin. As a journalist with a special interest in history and politics (I used to be political correspondent for ITV News), I couldn’t ask to live in a more fascinating city.

But it’s far removed from comfortable Copenhagen. So how will we acclimatise to the new life (and new language)? Culture, education, politics, lifestyle – I’ll be discussing it all. Follow me as I take the next chapter in this unscripted journey…

I’m also on Twitter @_alexforrest


Alex Forrest Whiting


  1. So many people complain about the level of NHS provision in the UK but the Danes actually agree to pay for their high quality social services

  2. Lovely to read your blog and see pix of gorgeous Charlie. He’s very like you. I hope life is treating you well in Denmark. Really exciting. x

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