Kiin Kiin in Copenhagen: Probably the best Thai restaurant in the world

freeze curry

Kiin Kiin’s freeze dried Thai red curry

Until I moved here, I didn’t fully appreciate the number of fantastic restaurants there are in Copenhagen. 15 in this capital have at least one michelin star. While I’ve been lucky enough to eat at the very best in the world – Noma – I may have now experienced somewhere that tops even this joint.


The Snowball – with candyfloss, watercress, squid, mint and cucumber

Kiin Kiin is nestled in the heart of Nørrebro and is the only Thai restaurant outside Thailand to be awarded a Michelin star. And boy is it deserved. From the moment we entered this former drug den, we were treated like royalty and fed like kings and queens. Of the 22 dishes we were served, it’s hard to know which was my favourite. The flavours, the textures, the look and smell – every single course was perfect.


There’s more to insects than ants: Crispy cricket in edible soil.

The crispy cricket buried in a bucket of edible soil is chef, Henrik Yve Anderson’s equivalent of Noma’s ant dishes. As Kiin Kiin itself says: “Insects (including ants) are high in protein and very healthy… But so many serve ants these days.” This really was delicious.


The liquid in the syringe turned into thick noodles!

Tuna worms in wasabi are also a talking point – and really tasty.  So too The Snowball – candyfloss with squid, mint, cucumber and watercress. There was salted meringue with cashew, lotus flowers, miang kam – a spiced salad with tamarin, chili, lime and ginger. Honestly the courses and the flavours just kept on coming.


Chicken hearts plus egg yolk


Scrumptious dumplings

At almost 1,000 DKK for food alone, this is a restaurant you need to save up for. But I really can’t recommend it highly enough. I hope I’ll get the chance to come back for a second sitting.

Copenhagen: Free Ice cream Day!


Queuing round the block in Hellerup, Copenhagen

Did you queue? Because if you did, you must have met most of Copenhagen outside the ice cream shop today.

The Danish ice cream chain, Paradis, opened for business this weekend. And to mark the end of winter – yes I know it’s still February – it was giving its ices away for free. What a brilliant brand campaign.

paradis 2

If you’ve spent any time in Denmark you’ll know just how much Danes love their ice cream. And having tasted what’s on offer here, I have to say I’m with them. Any flavour you want, including of course, liquorice, you can have.

So even though Danes HATE queuing, they’ll do it for ice cream, from now until the end of the summer. They won’t be free, but if you haven’t yet tried one, you must!

Noma: No wonder it’s the best in the world

photo 3-5

It’s been on my bucket list for some time and last night, as a surprise birthday present from my husband, I found myself there. Noma was everything I’d hoped for and more.

photo 4-3

Beef tartar and ANTS

22 delectable, and at times strange, courses and some interesting wines to boot. The dishes included ants and beef tartar, caramelised milk and monkfish liver, white cabbage and samphire and two completely whole ducks (to feed the six of us).

photo 1-9

Squid and broccoli, fennel and parsley

photo 1-10

Smoked and pickled quail egg

Now I know what many of you will be thinking – this Nordic cuisine is not to your taste. And it’s true that eating some of these dishes took courage and a lot of trust. I admit I wasn’t so keen on the sea urchin with duck but everything else, including the ants, was delicious.

photo 2-9

Shrimp and nasturtium, radish and yeast

photo 2-10

Potato and plum

The staff were also fantastic – attentive, knowledgeable and very patient with a group of Brits who’d never tried anything like it before. They even gave me a signed copy of the menu as well as a rather unusual cake that tasted like chocolate but wasn’t made of chocolate. No wonder this restaurant has two michelin stars (although I’m still unsure why it hasn’t been granted a third) and has yet again been voted the best in the world.


Cutting my chocolate cakes without the chocolate.

So would I go again? Absolutely – as long as someone else picked up the bill. This is an expensive evening but I can honestly say it was worth every penny.