Crime in Copenhagen – a personal experience

I am very sad to report that I have just had my wallet stolen in Copenhagen.  I was on board a busy local bus with some friends and had just sat down when I realised my bag had been unzipped and my wallet had gone.  It was 16.30.

Cards, cash, driving licence are some of the things that have been taken. But what I’m most disappointed about is that Copenhagen is supposed to be a low crime city.  And yet in just a couple of months, my husband has had his bike stolen from outside his work and now I have been targeted.  We have never experienced personal crime in London – a capital city where we would expect it.

The bus driver made an announcement about my wallet and as we got off, a woman offered me 200 kroner.  That’s the Copenhagen I love.  What a pity that when it comes to crime, this capital is like too many others.

  1. Sorry to hear that, and as you probably don’t read danish newspapers, you are not aware of that sadly there is tons of pickpockets from eastern Europe that goes shopping in Copenhagen

  2. Very sorry to hear that both of you have experienced crime in Denmark. Unfortunately it is not the first time a visitor I know has had this experience. My daughter-in-law’s 80 year old American grandmother had her passport, purse and boardingcard to the cruiseship stolen as she exited a Harbourcruise boat.
    But again a story of a good a deed. Someone found these items on the pavement in front of a hotel (money and creditcards gone ) brought them to the receptionist of the hotel. She realized that someone urgently needed them. Got on her bike after calling the American Embassy to personally deliver them there. Shorthly after the grandmother turned up at the embassy got her passport etc and made it to the cruiseship in time.
    As I a Dane I do hope it is the Danes doing the good deeds and some unwelcome “visitors” the bad ones !

    • Well what a story Inga. Thanks for that. I had to go to the borgerservice in Copenhagen yesterday to order my new CPR cards and sort out my NEM ID. The service was both helpful and efficient so that was good. I’m just not very impressed with the police service here!

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