Fantastisk! I passed my Danish test!


It drives me mad, takes up far too much time and mostly baffles me.  But tonight some GOOD news on the Danish front – I’ve passed my first test!  OK it was a re-take as I failed it last time around (read my very sad blog below).  And there’s still so much more to do before I take the first module in February.  But at least I finally feel I’m getting there.

Thank you to everyone who’s been both patient and supportive.  Now I can say with a little more confidence:

Jeg kan selvfølgelig tale engelsk og jeg kan også tale lidt dansk.

(I can of course speak English and I can also speak a little Danish.)


  1. Dear Alex. Alex I am so impressed, CONGRATULATIONS ! Danish is a difficult language to learn, just ask our Crownprincess ! I am sure you will get so much more out of your stay in Denmark when you understand and speak the language to some degree andmost important you will be able to understand Charlie !
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Danish Year to you.
    Love Inga

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