Little Denmark’s BIG taste for wine!


It’s been a pretty dry month for me.  Like many others at this time of year, I’ve been trying to resist drinking, partly to prove to myself that I am not alcohol dependent!

Since we moved to Denmark last summer, I’ve noticed that my husband and I have been drinking rather a lot of wine.  But it seems we’re not alone.

According to a report carried out by ‘Wine Intelligence’, Denmark’s  “per-capita intake is frankly staggering”.  We drink more here than the UK, USA, Germany and Australia.  The report says only 5 countries in the world drink more wine per head of population.

I find that really interesting.   It may be cheaper for Swedes to nip over the border into Denmark to buy their booze, but alcohol prices here are still very expensive.  It is a luxury to enjoy a decent bottle of wine.  And if Denmark really is the happiest place on earth, why are so many turning to the bottle?

The report does note a slight decline in wine consumption over the past couple of years.  But even so, for such a small country, it appears Denmark has a big taste for wine.

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  1. maybe…this ‘happiest place on earth’ statistic has something to do with Denmark ALSO being the leader in usage of ‘lykkepiller’ (antidepressants) or maybe the combination of those AND wine 😀

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