Copenhagen: Are Refugees Welcome?


Crowds gather outside Christiansborg

I’ve just got back from a ‘refugees welcome’ rally held outside the Danish Parliament, Christiansborg, in Copenhagen. The police tweeted that around 30,000 turned out and it certainly felt packed.


Police estimate 30,000 gathered

It’s been a strange week for Denmark. Most outside this country of just over 5.5 million, think it’s a liberal, welcoming state. At times the reality is markedly different. Anti-immigration adverts placed by the Danish government in Lebanese newspapers and around Danish asylum centres on Monday, didn’t help. These warned people that benefits for new asylum seekers had just been slashed in half and that family reunification was not guaranteed. They’re already making it increasingly difficult to get citizenship here.

al jaz

Reporting for Al Jazeera English on Wednesday night

There was also the chaos on Wednesday night when train lines between Germany and Denmark were suspended in an attempt to try to stem the tide of refugees. Then there’s been the confusion over whether Denmark was registering asylum seekers here or allowing them to head straight for Sweden – something the Swedish authorities have been less than happy about. The truth is, refugees know they’re not welcome here and are so desperate to get over the bridge, they’ve been attempting to walk.


Refugees Welcome banner

I’ve already blogged about how badly the Danish government dealt with this unfolding crisis last week. Communication began to improve a little this week. But it took a British official here to tell me that actually the Danish government has pledged millions more in funds to the UNHCR to help deal with the crisis. Politics is at play here. Venstre (the Liberals) has only managed to form a minority government, and is kept in power by the anti-immigration Danske Folkeparti (Danish People’s Party). Furthermore, Denmark is not part of the EU’s justice rules, which includes asylum, so does not have to agree to any quota on refugee numbers. No wonder ministers have struggled to deal with this crisis.

big crowds

Crowds listen to pro refugees speakers

It’s clear many Danes don’t take the same stand as their government. A number have been arrested for trying to drive asylum seekers into Sweden. Many have been donating food and clothes as well as volunteering to help those in need. And today, thousands showed the world what they really think – Refugees are Welcome in Denmark. It’s just their government doesn’t appear to be listening.

  1. I found it a really interesting post…it reminds me of my background in the UK, ……its a debate that began for me , when i was a bright-eyed student at Uni. and that was a long time ago.
    A nation always represents it self as “welcoming”, but often a short-time sentiment…I hope my chosen home of DK will do the right thing.
    I love my life here, and have taken no benefits ever, ..but of course i am not one of those poor souls who are asking for refugee status…I guess, when you look at my situation,I am just an immigrant after all……
    ( my lasting thoughts are with all those around the world who have been displaced, and have control on their destiny)

  2. I do not agree. I think the refugees are not welcome in Denmark, it is only a perception they are because one group is louder than the other. The quiet group, and their numbers are in double digits votes for the right wing. The government we have in Denmark at the moment is the reflection of the anti immigrant sentiment. Great for the 30.000 turnout, but there are many more Danes sitting at home not making noise, being a bit embarrassed to admit openly they are racist but when the time comes they vote DF and that is what matters.

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