Voting in my first Danish Election

It’s not quite Borgen I’m afraid, but I have just voted in Denmark’s local and regional elections.  In Copenhagen there are SEVEN mayors, not to mention all those councillors.  One though, the Lord Mayor, is the overall boss.  So the system is pretty different to the UK. Once I’d handed over my voting card at… Continue Reading

Even I can vote in Denmark

On Monday, while filming a report for Al Jazeera English, I met some of the candidates standing in next week’s local and regional elections here in Denmark.  What struck me most was just how young they were. Take Caroline – just 22 and already fully immersed in Danish politics.  She was one of five taking… Continue Reading

Danish ‘drive-thru’ Voting

While every Westminster political journalist wants to cover UK general elections, there’s not quite the same enthusiasm for local elections.  In fact, trying to come up with compelling stories during election campaigns is at times tough. Turnout says it all – just 31.1% voted in England’s local elections in 2012. But here in Denmark, things… Continue Reading