Killing the Giraffe

This morning’s decision by Copenhagen Zoo to put down a giraffe has caused an international outcry.  Marius was a healthy two year old.  But because of rules on in-breeding, it was decided he had to die. Zoos from across Europe offered to step in and save him – but they were all turned down.  At… Continue Reading

What now for Danish News in English?

I am very concerned to hear that the only English-language newspaper in Denmark, The Copenhagen Post, may not survive.  A week before Christmas all staff had their contracts terminated. I’m told that the owner, Ejvind Sandal, informed employees that if they could think of a way to fix the problems, then he might consider re-employing… Continue Reading

Digital Diplomats, Twitter and Denmark

I was invited by the British Embassy in Denmark to take part in a social media conference today called “Digital Media for Diplomatic Excellence”.  Along with three of Denmark’s most prestigious journalists (Michael Lund from DR, Margit Shabanzadeh from TV2 and Mads Brandstrup from Børsen) we discussed the rise of Twitter. While it’s big in… Continue Reading

Christmas at Tivoli

Tivoli Gardens has yet again been transformed – this time into a Winter Wonderland.  The Christmas scene has been open for a few weeks, but finally we visited this weekend.  It was full of fun, lights, laughter, Christmas markets, and gløgg. Some of the ‘buildings’ looked Russian in their design and colour – like something… Continue Reading